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Flat corn is a typical snack that derives from East Flores. Some outsiders of East Flores think that the flat corn is harvested from its tree. To get the best crunchy flat corn it needs some subsequent steps to follow. The steps are: preparing the best dry corn, having medium fire to fry the corn until it gets half-done, and hitting each corn or two at once as quickly as possible.

People in villages are usually smarter in selecting the best quality row corn than people in town. If you want to get the best flat corn you should keep the traditional subsequent step that villagers do. You choose the best corn from your stock. You can see the quality from the peel. Now, you peel it. After that you remove all the hair on the beans. Then you lose all of the beans, safe them in a safe palmyra bowl.

Before frying the corn in a earthenware, you should get ready three medium stones to make stove. Put them in a triangular shape. After that you put some fire wood evenly between the stones, and then set the fire on. Place the earthenware on the triangular stones. Next, you put a handful of the dry corn beans into the earthenware. Start stirring them in the even fire with the prepared wooden stick. It might take you just 2-3 minutes to get them half-done.

Now, the hitting of the half-done corn is about to do. With one of your hands get the half-done corn four or five beans then hit them straightaway one by one or two on the big flat stone with a medium flat stone in the other of your hand. You should finish them as quickly as possible before the beans get over-cooked. Now, you have the flat corn. Save the flat corn in another palmyra bowl. If you are a right handed person, you get the corn from the earthenware with your left hand and you hit the corn with the right hand; and vice versa.

To get ready with the best quality of the dry corn, medium fire, and hitting all of the half-done corn beans in a very short time is the way to get the best crunchy flat corn. The quicker to finish the half-done corn is the better. You`ll enjoy the best quality crunchy flat corn as your snack in the morning or afternoon, by yourself or with others.

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