Minggu, 19 Februari 2012

Reflection Week 1

Considering the following points, in this very first self-reflection, I would like to generally recall all of my experiences of learning in the class room from semester one to five and the first week of semester six.
The previous 5 semesters:
1. My learning in the class room.
Since the first day of attending classes I tried to always be on time, especially starting the classes. However, once I was late 20 minutes (semester 5); it was quite embarrassing. Some of my dear friends were wondering why I was so late.
2. Things that I have learned in the class room.
There are many beautiful things I have learned in the class rooms from lecturers and class mates: to be patient with all friends, punctual entering the class and submitting works (home work, assignments, and take home tests), friendly with all friends and to respect lecturers, aware of friends` needs, creative in lecturing and finding information, objective in assessing, honest in doing tests, responsible for work and duties/tasks, and open-minded in all different situations. Besides that, I have learned how to design lesson plan, syllabus, and assessment.
3. I have achieved.
I have finally been able to correctly pronounce the very hard and difficult sounds, i.e., θ, ð, and ʃ. More or less I know how to design lesson plan, syllabus, and assessment.
4. Things worked in class room.
Class lecture done by lecturers then gave assignments or home work, students discuss and or work in pairs or groups, students present materials individually or in group, students do oral and written examinations.
5. Things did not work in the class room.
My friends and I still tend to ignore speaking English all the time in the class room and outside the class.
The first week of semester 6:
Things that I have learned in the class room are syllabus and lesson plan of semester 6, mechanism of class room activities to take (lecturing, teaching friend in pair, teaching friends in group, and teaching lower classes.). Points that I have achieved in the class room are general explanation on Micro Teaching, mechanisms that my friends and I have to do in the class room in the coming months (teaching friend in pair).

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