Selasa, 29 Mei 2012

Reflection Week 14

Self evaluation
Yesterday was the last day of Micro Teaching class done in formal way. Yet, it is not the last day of teaching as a job for us, the candidate of future English teachers in this country or wherever the life leads us. The same way treats me: Teaching English as my call and job is still part of my life in the years to come.

The most things I learned yesterday:
It was great to have Efri, Erika, and Sesi teach us in the Teaching Practice Class. Each of them wonderfully performed in the ways should be done. They taught u listening, writing and reading respectively. The most things I learned from them are: * To make a good preparation far before performance. I noticed that, as the materials they are supposed to teach were new, they did make serious consultation with friends and written sources: internet and books. * To be creative in constructing teaching materials. Three of them are really creative,   so the teaching was done in a so great way and attractive in many ways. , an English teacher may not forget to make some stimuli. * To use understandable terms in English. As it was a teaching for students in vocational school, each of them use English terms which are limited to the student`s educational world / field.  

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