Sabtu, 28 Mei 2011

Self Introduction

Hi Friends,
My full name is Antonius Waget, you can call me Anton. Right now I am a semester four student at English Teacher Training Program of Sanata Dharma Univ. Yogyakarta.

My life has been treating me in a wonderful way. Since joining this Univ I do find an excellent new life with new spirit of learning things that I didn`t do when I took philosophy program, 20 years ago, in my college: Ledalero, Flores.

Moreover, what I am learning here is fulfilling and answering all the questions while teaching English at my school in Seminary of St. John Berchmans, Mataloko, Flores. One more thing to say is that having an extra time with ICEE program and the crews (native speakers) is an invaluable grace from the Above. To have them is my dream that has come true. I do appreciate it.

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