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World round traveling

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

I have been to some countries in Africa (1999-2004), like Kenya, Botswana, Zimbabwe, and Zambia. Things that I took with me were: Passport, foreign currency, money pouch, bag pack, first-aid kit,and band-aid.

When I went to Kenya, Eastern Africa, I took with me some hundred USD to pay entry visa to the country. I got the visa in the Airport. Yet, a year later, when I went to work in Botswana, Southern Africa, I got the visa while I was still in Kenya. When I was about to go to Botswana, I got some USD from a Philipino friend. A month later, before starting Setswana (the national language) class, with a friend, I went to Zambia for a two-week-visit. I brought with me some US Dollar and Pula (Botswana currency), passport, back pack, and first-aid kit. After working for two years, with two of my friends, I went to Zimbabwe. I took along with me my passport, back pack, and some thousand Pula. I exchanged my Pula into the Zimbabwean Dollar when entering the gate. From Zimbabwe I went to Zambia again to visit a friend working for more than 10 years. I exchanged my Pula at legal exchange center. I spent all the Kwacha during my stay there. I put all the currency in my money pouch I that I bought in Jakarta.

My valid passport helped me easily enter those countries. The strong back pack I had was so useful. It helped me save my clothes. It is a portable; it is easily carried on my back. Luckily that during all the traveling I did not get any accident, so I did not use any band-aid nor medicine from the first-aid kit.

Things I learn from my experience from making trip abroad are that first of all my physic must be in well sound. Next, I have to have enough money to get all the legal needed papers done on time, to pay return ticket, accommodation and food, and medication needed. Besides that, I expose myself to different people, language, culture, lifestyle, food, sightseeing, etc. Because of that I keep my fingers crossed to have another chance to go to other parts of this world, like Europe, America, Australia, and countries in Asia.

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