Sabtu, 17 Maret 2012

Reflection Week 5

Self evaluation

Teaching is not only a matter of providing and giving information of knowledge to students done by a teacher.  It is also about art of sharing information and knowledge. With this aspect a teacher is able to make some illumination to students or to guide students out from a non-knowledge world into a world with full knowledge.
Based on this, I should have in myself an art of information or knowledge sharing to students. To manage doing so (in the future) I have to be friendly to all students without exception, to be patient with especially naughty and noisy students, to provide something attractive for student to show concern and appreciation.

The most things I learned on last Tuesday and Wednesday

=    How to silence trouble-makers or noise students: Ask s/he or them what has just done/said/explained (Nindi`s teaching practice).
=    To appreciate student who answers question correctly (Nindi`s teaching practice).
=    Patiently help students to correctly pronounce words (Alex` teaching practice).
=    A good teacher never dominates class during teaching.
=    To involve students in learning actively, a good teacher should provide vocabularies prior to teaching activity, not only pay attention to trouble maker, but to all of the students evenly (Nindi`s teaching practice).

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