Minggu, 11 Maret 2012

Reflection Week 4

Self evaluation
Learning from others is one of the good ways for me to make progress in English teaching. Last week there were ten of my friends got chances to teach in front of the class. They are: Shela, Bayu, Galih, Wilda, Rendy, Maris, Hendrik, Erika, Ega, and Christin. Some of them did very well in some ways. It means that they have got experience of teaching English at somewhere as tutors or mentors. It also shows that they really prepared themselves. Besides, some of them have to pay much attention on teaching materials, attitudes, etc. It is probably because they have never taught English or lack of preparation. All this helps me to always keep in my mind that “practice makes perfect” and that to be successful I have to do a good preparation before teaching.

The most things I learned on last Tuesday and Wednesday:
=       Topic introduction and grade of the class must be mentioned by teacher in the very beginning of the class activity.
=       Pronunciation must be taken into account by all teachers to help students learn the correct pronunciation on each word.
=       Pause using during teaching activity is very important for students to digest every single material. So, teacher is supposed to provide the pause between two sub topics or ideas.
=      When teaching writing, teacher should give example first, so that students can learn how to construct their own writing.
=   When teaching reading, teacher may not test students skill in reading comprehension, but reading skills: skimming, previewing, scanning, etc.
=      While teaching, teacher should pay attention on eye contact, proper mimic and gesture, etc.

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