Senin, 16 April 2012

Reflection Week 9

Self evaluation
Mistake is human, but it is more human if one learns from the mistake to make improvement. Last week, in the Writing Teaching Test, I did a “fatal” mistake: Not all of the teaching materials that I prepared were taught to students. Actually, the teaching materials were not many, so I should had done all of them in allotted time. It was only I was too much concerned with attracting students` attention/participation, and I was too slow in explaining about genre structure and language features. If I had explained them faster I would have taught all of the materials, including giving writing exercise to my students.

The most things I learned on last Tuesday and Wednesday
Being Punctual in finishing teaching materials. To be able to do that, I should do in a faster way. The second thing is that I do not need to feel bothered by the students` minor behavior.
Things I have achieved
       I taught my students materials that I mastered. So, I was confident and did the teaching in a cool way.

In the future, I will try to discipline myself by delivering teaching materials evenly with the time allocation without ignoring students` participation.

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