Senin, 02 April 2012

Reflection Week 7

Self evaluation
The class of last Tuesday was stagnant in the beginning as no one of us was willing to do teaching practice. It seemed that many of us or most of us were afraid of making mistakes when teaching. Yet, it would be a great chance to improve teaching activity. Moreover, it would be a great step for each of us to make ourselves accustomed to surprised situation in the real life. Sometimes any teachers or headmaster or any stakeholders ask us as English teachers to teach in the class.
        Seeing the vacancy for quite a long time, I actually wanted to volunteer just to make my teaching practice better than last two weeks. But, on the other hand I let friends to do it. Fortunately, Erika decided to teach then. Good to her!!!

The most things I learned on last Tuesday and Wednesday

First of all I learned from Erika was her bravery. She has a great courage. She could do that because she believed that she could do. Secondly, I learned I should always remember what I have done. Actually, Erika could teach in the class because all the materials we designed in three weeks ago meant for PPGT Students. Thirdly, “Teacher talk is student talk.” This is a really great expression for a teacher. For me, in order to give a broader opportunity to students, I should keep silent as possible. It is because the learned language must be used or put in practice. Fourth, when teaching grammar I should combine it with any skills.

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