Minggu, 22 April 2012

Reflection Week 10

Self evaluation
I wish I could be punctual, meaning finished the teaching materials on time, like all the six friends taught last week: Alex, Efri, Bayu, Shella, Rendy, and Liliana.

The most things I learned on last Tuesday and Wednesday
-    The teaching material shouldn`t be so loaded; make it proportion to the allotted time, 30 minutes.
-    The induction should be short, so students will have enough time to do exercise(s).
-    It is a good thing that a timer is set to warn teacher of the elapsed time.

Other things
I will try to do the best in the third test (the final test).

Senin, 16 April 2012

Reflection Week 9

Self evaluation
Mistake is human, but it is more human if one learns from the mistake to make improvement. Last week, in the Writing Teaching Test, I did a “fatal” mistake: Not all of the teaching materials that I prepared were taught to students. Actually, the teaching materials were not many, so I should had done all of them in allotted time. It was only I was too much concerned with attracting students` attention/participation, and I was too slow in explaining about genre structure and language features. If I had explained them faster I would have taught all of the materials, including giving writing exercise to my students.

The most things I learned on last Tuesday and Wednesday
Being Punctual in finishing teaching materials. To be able to do that, I should do in a faster way. The second thing is that I do not need to feel bothered by the students` minor behavior.
Things I have achieved
       I taught my students materials that I mastered. So, I was confident and did the teaching in a cool way.

In the future, I will try to discipline myself by delivering teaching materials evenly with the time allocation without ignoring students` participation.

Senin, 09 April 2012

Reflection Week 8

Self evaluation
Teaching English to students is part of self responsibility in transferring, discussing, and sharing knowledge of English language. It needs a quiet long process for an English teacher to prepare him/herself physically and spiritually, to equip him/herself with a sufficient knowledge and things needed in class teaching-learning activities, and so on. 
Last week six the class mates (Hendricus, Galih, Erika, Okta, Yudith, and Ulis) did their teaching demonstration. All of them did their best. They did show their responsibility. Out of the six, Erika was the best in the teaching demo. It means that she had done good preparation and equipped herself with sufficient knowledge on the materials she taught.

The most things I learned on last Tuesday and Wednesday
Responsibility is one of the most things I learned from Hendricus, Galih, Erika, Okta, Yudith, and Ulis. Each of them showed it even though the result was very low. Without preparation none of them managed stand in front of the class teaching us. Without preparation one cannot do anything maximal.  
Class management is very very very important too. Without an appropriate class management, it would only be beer room. But we are not the mean.

Senin, 02 April 2012

Reflection Week 7

Self evaluation
The class of last Tuesday was stagnant in the beginning as no one of us was willing to do teaching practice. It seemed that many of us or most of us were afraid of making mistakes when teaching. Yet, it would be a great chance to improve teaching activity. Moreover, it would be a great step for each of us to make ourselves accustomed to surprised situation in the real life. Sometimes any teachers or headmaster or any stakeholders ask us as English teachers to teach in the class.
        Seeing the vacancy for quite a long time, I actually wanted to volunteer just to make my teaching practice better than last two weeks. But, on the other hand I let friends to do it. Fortunately, Erika decided to teach then. Good to her!!!

The most things I learned on last Tuesday and Wednesday

First of all I learned from Erika was her bravery. She has a great courage. She could do that because she believed that she could do. Secondly, I learned I should always remember what I have done. Actually, Erika could teach in the class because all the materials we designed in three weeks ago meant for PPGT Students. Thirdly, “Teacher talk is student talk.” This is a really great expression for a teacher. For me, in order to give a broader opportunity to students, I should keep silent as possible. It is because the learned language must be used or put in practice. Fourth, when teaching grammar I should combine it with any skills.