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By seeing a motorcyclist`s behavior in the street one may judge who the person really is. It is because behavior or attitude depicts one`s personality. To fully understand a motorcyclist`s personality, this discussion will elaborate on three components that form a human being`s personality. They are: disobedience, realism, and consciousness.


One of the traits motorcyclists should adhere to is to obey the prevailing traffic law. It is important for the motorcyclist to avoid an accident while riding. However, statistics show that in many places the percentage of motorcycle accidents is still very high. The main reasons are carelessness and breaking the prevailing law which requires all motorcyclists to wear standard helmets and put on the headlight, for example. Motorcyclists seem to act at will only to please themselves and avoid wearing heavy helmets. In Jakarta, in 2004 there were 14,223 motorcycle accidents out 17,732 traffic accidents, or 80%, ( sebaran-posisi-sepeda-motor-di-jalur-jalan-pada-berbagai-kondisi-arus-lalu-lintas). In the US, there are still motorcycle accidents even though it tends to decline every year, averaging around 13%. Around 60% of motorcyclists crash at night without wearing helmet, ( deaths_in_U.S._by_year). The reasons for these motorcycle accidents, both in Jakarta and the USA, show that the motorcyclists tend to serve their ids which operate largely according to the pleasure principle, seeking joy, and avoiding discomfort, ( personality.htm).


One typical case that happens to Indonesian motorcyclists in front of red light is whether to keep crossing it at a very high speed (when the yellow light is about to stop) or strongly and repeatedly blowing their horns. They seem to be super busy people. Contrary to this, there are still many Indonesian motorcyclists who religiously obey the prevailing law. They know the risk of breaking the law. They wouldn’t want to cause an accident which could injure others or themselves. There is no point to being free from having to stand in front of the red light when it is only for a few extra seconds. It seems useless to speed up since no one appreciates such a selfish attitude. For them it would be far wiser to patiently stand in front of the red light and give a safe opportunity to others to cross their road. They will only proceed when the green light is on without blowing their horns. Such a wise attitude describes their ego part which is awareness of reality, and recognizes, and understands that every behavior has consequences in other people`s lives, ( personality/freud_ personality.htm).


It very often happens that motorcyclists do something for no purpose or because others are doing it. For example, stepping over a line or blowing horn or enter into a restricted area, or cross the red light when no policeman is around, and so on. On the other hand, many motorcyclists with a great conscience and high self-esteem do not do so. Even people who have done something wrong in the past would not do so at another time. They know very well when and where to stop or stand or which area is one allowed to enter. They know which areas they are allowed to ride their motorcycles and where it is appropriate to blow the horn. Every motorcyclist that passes by a public place, like a mosque or church or temple always does so consciously and respectfully , because they are concerned for other people`s need for silence to pray. They think that breaking the traffic low is embarrassing and morally wrong. Such an attitude matches another part of the human personality, i.e., the super ego which contains conscience, social and moral values. ( freud_personality.htm).


The three personalities: disobedience, realism, and consciousness are deeply adhered in everybody`s self. While riding in the street, all three of them might appear at any one time at different levels of prominence but with one being more prominent. At another time only one or two of them might appear; only one is stronger. Nevertheless, the three of them influence and form the habit or attitude of the same person to make a full personality. Every motorcyclist`s habit or attitude in the street depicts who the person is.

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