Selasa, 07 Juni 2011

New Lifestyle

To be back to university is one of the most unforgettable beautiful experiences I have ever had. In some ways I found myself like “stepping into the same river twice”. I mean what I did in four semesters ago was just exactly like I did in twenty years ago when I went to my campus in Ledalero, Flores to study philosophy. As a student, first things I did some basic needs to do, like registering, paying, and taking entry testing. After knowing that I was admitted, I bought many things related to a student`s, life school bag, note book, pens, pencil, and so on and so forth. When coming to real class activities, I had to adjust myself with the campus environment and slowly made friends with classmates, seniors, and lecturers.
In many ways I have found my life like what Heraclitus once said, “You cannot step into the same river twice…." As life keeps changing over time, I have to make in my character a new personality: hardworking, adaptable, more easygoing, friendly, and helpful. To get into campus environment with different academic system, as I am taking English Teacher Training Program, is one challenging thing I have to face. To finish my study on time, as suggested, I have to work hard and put my extra attention on all the subjects I take. In connection to this, I have to change my lifestyle. To get all the assignments done on time I have force myself to sit in front of my laptop till very late at night and get up far earlier that before. To get sufficient references for any written assignments, I have to go to library or to search in internet. To make progress in study a bit further, I have to make good friends with my classmates, seniors, and lecturers. To step into the friendship circle is another challenging thing. My social status and age made my classmates keep distance with me in the first weeks even months. I am a “Romo” and 20s years older than my classmates, some ten years older than some lecturers. Only after two months or three, I finally could make friends with classmates, seniors, and lecturers. Actively taking part in the class, some extracurricular activities, and being helpful, friendly, modest, and some other more are the keys I use for conquering my ego to win the hearts of my classmates, seniors, and lecturers. They are my good friends now.
As a student, so far, I feel my life is awesome. It is like “stepping into the same river twice” on one hand, yet it is also like “you cannot step into the same river twice” on the other hand. To reach my dream to be a good student and friend for all my dear friends; and to finish my study on time, I need to keep all the good personality I am having now.
Wonderful idioms I learn from this lesson:
• A fish out of Water.
• Shown the red carpet
• At east at last
• Chill out
• Show him/her off
• Reverse culture shock
• You can never go home again

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