Senin, 27 Juni 2011

World round traveling

have been to some countries in Africa (1999-2004), like Kenya, Botswana, Zimbabwe, and Zambia. Things that I took with me were: Passport, foreign currency, money pouch, suitcase, bag pack, first-ad kit,and band-aid. When I went to Kenya I took with me some hundred USD to arrange entry visa to the country. The same way I did when going to Botswana. I got some USD from a friend from the Phillipine. When I went to Zimbabwe I took with me some thousand Pula. I exchanged them into the Zimbabwean Dollar when entering the gate. From Zimbabwe I went to Zambia. I exchanged both Zimbabwean Dollar and Pula into Kwacha. I spent all the Kwacha during my stay in Zambia. I put all the currency in my money pouch I bought in Jakarta. My valid passport helped me easily enter those countries. The strong back pack I had was so useful. It helped me put my clothes in and easily carried on my back. Luckily that during all the traveling I did not get any accident, so I did not use any band-aid nor medicine from the first-aid kit.

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