Sabtu, 25 Juni 2011


Without any strong push from anybody else, no one can reach any determined maximum. No matter how near or far, shallow or deep destination to achieve, one certainly needs such a push. This applies to senior high school children too which are known as adolescent with very unique attitude. They sometimes appear with peculiar attitude showing uncertainty of life. Yet, they keep moving ahead. In reaching their maximum in the future, senior high school children need a strong push from adults surrounding them, especially parents and teachers.

Obviously, not all children are happy with strong push method, but yet some of them need to be helped with this method because of some reasons, for example, misunderstanding of education, laziness, and uncertainty of future goal to reach. Strong push from the adults surrounding them makes them slowly aware of the importance of education in general and the subjects they take at school in particular. Some senior high school children can only start being diligent after a constantly long explanation with proofs of the negative effect of laziness happens to people`s life. Laziness never moves one even an inch ahead, but ruins one`s life. Uncertainty of future often makes school children hesitant to move ahead. A constant push from teachers and parents makes them aware of their own future life. They, then, slowly make real and certain efforts to move ahead. The other effect of strong push method is to make students aware of being among others; they are not alone in struggling for their maximum.

Strong push is proved as an effective method to create a hardworking character within adolescents` selves. It is not enough to only have an awareness of the importance of education, being diligent, their own future life, and being among others. Such a great awareness should be put in practice with hardworking character as their constant life style. Hardworking sustains them in challenging situation, obstacles, and hardships. When this character becomes part of their life, a great success will be easily achieved.

The other effect of strong push is to help students step onto higher education opportunities. Many senior high school graduates think that the knowledge obtained is enough to live a better life. Nevertheless, Indonesia`s situation demands a higher education equipped with soft skills. One cannot apply a better job, both in state and private, with only a high school certificate. When applying to teach at a kindergarten even, one should prove under graduate certificate gained at university.

Shortly, strong push done by the parents and teachers really helps senior high school students to fully aware of how importance of education is, their own future, and negative effect of laziness. Besides that, strong push helps them to be aware of being together with others who always help them move forward in reaching their own maximum.

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